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Different Options for Braces Offered By Your Dentist

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When it comes to the straightening of teeth, most patients assume they only have one solution available to them – metal braces. Technological advancements in the dental industry have resulted in an array of solutions that you could choose from. If you are suffering from dental problems, address the issue with your dentist and find out what type of braces would be most useful for you.

If you are committed to enhancing your smile by correcting the positioning of your teeth, here are some of the alternatives available to you:

Metal dental braces

This alternative are the conventional metal tracks that a dentist would prescribe for teeth straightening. However, the modern version of these braces tend to be flatter thus making them feel less intrusive in your mouth. The brackets used to straighten your teeth comprise of stainless steel making them easy to clean.

Typically, one would have to wear them for a couple of years with regular dental check-ups to have them tightened during the course of your treatment. This alternative also happens to be the most cost effective.

Lingual dental braces

This alternative affords some form of discretion, as they are not installed at the front of your teeth. Rather, the dentist will fit them at the back of your teeth on the surface facing your tongue. Due to the difficulty involve in installing this alternative, they tend to be more expensive than conventional dental braces.

You may also experience some discomfort speaking in the first few days as your mouth gets used to them. However, they work just as efficiently as the other options available.

Ceramic dental braces

As the name suggests, these braces are made from ceramic material unlike metal braces. Since they comprise of ceramic, they tend to be an off-white color, which matches the appearance of your teeth. These would be a good option for people looking for some discretion, as the braces will be camouflaged against their teeth. One thing to note though is that these braces need to be cleaned thoroughly to prevent any staining of their white coloration.

Invisalign dental braces

This alternative is the latest advancement in dental braces. They are named invisalign due to their almost invisible appearance. In addition, these braces are made from a flexible material, which proffers more comfort than the other alternatives. However, you would have to have these braces replaced periodically for optimal results with a course of treatment lasting around half a year.

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