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What You Should or Should Not Do After Root Canal Surgery

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Root canal surgery refers to a surgical procedure performed by an endodontist to remove the tip of your tooth's root in order to clean the cavity or fill it after an infection, trauma or chipping. This article points out some things that you should do and some things that you should not do in order to have the best outcome from your surgery.

Things to Do

Apply Ice. You are likely to notice some swelling immediately after the surgery. This swelling may be accompanied by some pain and discoloration in the areas close to the surgical site. You can apply an ice pack at the site of the swelling in order to keep the swelling minimal. Intermittently place the ice pack on and then remove it. For instance, you can keep it on for ten minutes then keep it off for the next five minutes. This on/off action will ensure that blood flow isn't completely stopped to the affected site.

Use Lukewarm Water to Clean Your Mouth. Many people usually resume eating the day after the surgery. In that case, use some lukewarm water to rinse your mouth, especially in the areas around the surgical site. This will remove any food particles trapped there. Do this for the next few days in accordance with the instructions of the endodontist.

Eat Soft Foods. It is important that you eat so that your body gets the nutrients that it needs for proper healing to take place. However, you should only eat soft foods (mashed potatoes, for example) so that you avoid exerting a lot of pressure as you chew.

Things to Avoid

Using a Toothbrush Close to the Surgical Site. Do not use your toothbrush anywhere close to the surgical site because you may reopen the wound.

Sleeping on the Operated Area. Avoid sleeping on the side that was operated. For instance, if you were operated on the lower left jaw then only put the right hand side of your head on your pillow. This precaution should be implemented for the first few days after the surgery.

Raise Your Lips Using Your Fingers. Resist the temptation to raise your lips using your fingers in order to look at the surgical site. Such an action can exert a lot of pressure on the surgical site and cause it to reopen or bleed.

You will heal quickly if you follow the advice above. In case you experience excessive pain or you have any other questions, contact an endodontist at a clinic like Inner West Endodontics for further assistance.