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4 Ways For Smokers to Keep Their Teeth White

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Smoking isn't just bad for your health – it's also bad for your appearance. Smokers will often find that their teeth become yellow and stained, but there are several ways to slow down this process. The best is to quit altogether, but, if that isn't presently possible, try following these tips to keep your teeth as white as possible.

1. Buy the Right Products

Reports estimate that around 13.3% of the adult Australian population are smokers, meaning that there are plenty of products aimed specifically at them. Many of these are meant to increase a smoker's oral health, so make sure you pick up some smoker-specific toothpaste and mouthwash.

The toothpaste will contain abrasive particles that have been included to help reduce the amount of staining caused by smoking, as well as chemicals design to reduce other negative effects. Smoker mouthwash – often known as anti-tar mouthwash – removes excess tar and helps neutralise the substances in cigarette smoke that give you bad breath.

2. Use Baking Soda

If you don't have any smoker-specific toothpaste yet, you can achieve a similar effect by using a tiny amount of baking soda. Just sprinkle a little over your toothbrush instead of using normal toothpaste, then brush normally.

The taste is certainly something you'll need to get used to, but the scrubbing power of baking soda is fantastic, removing even the most resilient smoking stains. You should see a difference in just a couple of weeks.

3. Follow Each Cigarette with Mouthwash

Smoker's teeth become more stained than other peoples' because cigarettes contain a large amount of tar and nicotine. Whenever you smoke, these substances enter your mouth and form a yellow film across your teeth.

The best way to prevent this from happening is by using your anti-tar mouthwash – not just after you brush, but after every cigarette you smoke. It helps to carry a travel-sized bottle – which you can refill each night – whenever you're away from the house.

4. Use Whitening Products

Ultimately, smokers are going to find that their teeth become stained faster than those of most other people, no matter how much they do to slow down the process. The best way for you to keep your teeth white in the long-term is by using whitening products.

These can be purchased at a pharmacy or picked up from your dentist, and they drastically reduce staining. It's best to talk to your dentist before you begin using them. Additionally, try not to use gels and bleaches too often. If you need to whiten your teeth more than than every few months, consider using whitening strips instead.

A healthy smile effects how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. If you can't kick your nicotine addiction, make sure you follow these tips. For more information, schedule an appointment at a local cosmetic dentistry clinic.