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Got Your Teeth Whitened? 3 Avoidable Food Habits To Maximise Value From Your Teeth Whitening Appointment

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Whitening your teeth is key to restoring the brightness of your pearly whites, making it a popular procedure for people who want to enhance their smiles. After you undertake a teeth whitening procedure, keep in mind that your teeth are more vulnerable to staining. Tweaking your eating habits after your appointment will help you retain maximum whiteness for longer. This guide demonstrates avoidable foods to maximise value from your teeth whitening appointment.

Stay Away From Dark Or Coloured Drinks

White and clear liquids like mild and water are typically permissible to drink after a teeth whitening appointment. But keep in mind that dark and coloured beverages like red wine, colas, grape juice, cranberry juice, tomato juice, tea and coffee are best avoided in the days following the procedure. Pigments from these liquids can become embedded in your enamel because teeth are most sensitive after a whitening procedure. To avoid permanent yellow staining so soon after your teeth whitening appointment, be sure to stay away from these foods for a short period. If you're keen to get started with these drinks again, get your dentist's recommendation about when you can resume.

Avoid Foods Acidic In Nature

The teeth whitening process can cause teeth to be sensitive to acidic drinks and foods for a temporary period. These foods will not only end up staining your teeth if consumed, but they may also cause pain and discomfort while you eat. Acidic foods like lemons, limes, grapefruit, oranges, vinegar, pineapple and pickles will enhance your saliva's acidity. This can cause further damage to areas of your teeth, which are already sensitive because of the whitening process. Limit these items for a short period after teeth whitening to avoid staining and food-related discomfort.

Stop Foods With Dark Sauces Temporarily

You probably Asian-style food every once in a while, but you should ideally stay away from foods with dark sauces like soy and oyster for a temporary period after you undertake the teeth whitening process. The bleaching agents used in the whitening process make your teeth enamel overly sensitive for a short period. These sauce-laden foods tend to grab onto your teeth enamel, which may cause long-term staining if you're not careful. To avoid this, it's ideal to stay away from foods prepared using tomato sauce, soy sauce and other stain-causing marinades.

Getting your teeth whitened is a good way to enhance your smile. Stay away from these foods for a short period to maximise value from your teeth whitening appointment.