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5 Convincing Reasons to Choose Teeth Whitening

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A dazzling, unnaturally white smile is perhaps something best left to Hollywood superstars, but nonetheless many people would prefer their teeth to be a little brighter and a little less stained. Professional whitening treatments applied by your dentist give excellent results, but naturally will cost more than ineffective mouthwashes or other shop-bought products. If you're wondering whether to invest in dental whitening, here are five reasons that may convince you.

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

There's no doubt about it: if you're ashamed of your smile, your confidence and self-esteem will both take a severe hit. You'll feel constantly on guard, trying not to show your stains, and this sense of embarrassment and inhibition will slowly but surely seep into almost every aspect of your life. Professional whitening will stop these negative feelings in their tracks, helping you to become more self-assured and spontaneous.

First Impressions Count

The vast majority of people you meet will be too polite to mention your stained teeth, but that doesn't mean they won't notice them. And, unfortunately, they will also use them to make a subconscious judgement when forming their opinions of you. For friendships and other personal relationships, this small hint of prejudice is easily overcome, but in other situations it can have a more lasting effect. For example, in that vital interview for a dream job, you'll want every little thing to go your way. Removing the stains from your teeth is another small element in your favor in those situations where first impressions matter.

Taking Better Care of Your Teeth

If you're unhappy with your teeth, it's only natural that you'll try to think about them as infrequently as possible. This tends to have the knock-on effect of making you take less care of them than you otherwise would, which easily becomes a vicious circle. If you have a smile to be proud of, you'll spend more time looking after it, and your dental health will improve.

If You've Stopped Smoking

Smoking is one of the most common causes of yellow, stained teeth. If you've quit the habit, whitening your teeth could remove the last link to your nicotine-loving past.

Smile and Be Happy

Lastly, if you're less self-conscious about your smile, you'll be more ready to use it, and this will make both you and the people around you happier.

If these benefits have convinced you to go ahead with whitening treatment, it's vital to see a dentist before taking things further. Although whitening kits bought online may be cheap, they most often give poor results and can even be dangerous. Choosing a professional solution will give you a natural-looking brighter smile with complete safety, and one that will stand the test of time.