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Why Every Adult Needs to See the Dentist Regularly

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It's typically recommended that adults see a dentist every year, and sometimes even more often than that, no matter the overall condition of their teeth and gums. You may want to avoid seeing the dentist because you don't like the discomfort of an exam or because you assume your mouth and teeth are very healthy, but it's still good for everyone to keep up with this routine. Note why that is, so you're sure to keep your regular dental appointments no matter what your teeth look like.

Preventative care

Seeing the dentist is not done just to fill in cavities that are already forming, or to treat gum disease and other such conditions. Your dentist will assist with preventative care, so that you can avoid these conditions in the first place! A professional cleaning by your dentist will remove plaque that causes gum disease, and a dentist can also note if your teeth are losing their enamel and if a protective coating should be applied to avoid cavities. If he or she notices cavities developing, your dentist may also give you advice on how to avoid having them become bigger, such as cutting out sweets and acidic sodas.

Impacted teeth

If you've never had your wisdom teeth removed, these teeth may be trying to come in but are impacted, meaning that they cannot cut through the gums. They may also begin crowding and pushing other teeth out of the way, which means your teeth will all soon be misaligned. If you wait until after this happens to have your wisdom teeth removed, you may then need an orthodontic appliance to straighten your teeth. Your dentist can note if you have any wisdom teeth or additional molars coming in, and extract them before they cause problems with your gums or your other teeth.

 Other health concerns

Your dentist's exam can alert him or her to other health concerns you may have, such as acid reflux disease, which occurs when stomach acid comes back up the esophagus, even reaching the mouth. This can cause damage to the back of the throat and even the teeth. Your dentist might notice that your jaw is becoming misshapen, which can happen as you age; this can also cause teeth to push against each other and damage the enamel, or actually push teeth out of alignment. The onset of receding gums and signs of oral cancer can also be found by a dental exam, and these are all reasons to keep your regular appointments even if your teeth appear strong and healthy.