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The Advantages Offered by Modern Dentures

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Tooth loss can be a huge problem for most people: there are some that completely lack the confidence to approach or speak to other people when they have lost teeth. Others may have to settle for soft foods because chewing and biting have become a challenge. Fortunately, if you are dealing with these dental challenges there are solutions in modern cosmetic dentistry, such as dentures.

Dentures have been used for years to replace missing teeth. While it is true that in the past these types of dental implants had the disadvantage of being very uncomfortable, modern cosmetic dentistry has reduced some of these disadvantages and introduced new and more accommodating advantages such as:


The sole purpose of dentures in the old days was to allow people with missing teeth to chew food. On the other hand, modern dentures are designed to be "fully functional or multi-purpose teeth." With these type of modern implants, you can be confident while talking to people, as they have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing. They have also been designed to be more comfortable, and you will, therefore, chew and bite food with much more ease, as there is minimal slipping.


Modern dentures are available in a variety of types to accommodate the needs of different patients. For instance, those who have lost most of their teeth may opt for full dentures, while those with a few missing teeth may opt for partial dentures. In addition, those who are looking for a "less-tedious" durable option, can get implant supported dentures.


Tooth loss will in most instances lead to bone loss, especially in adults. The bone usually needs stimulation in order to maintain its density: this density is provided to the jaw by the constant movement of teeth. So, when teeth go missing, deterioration of the jaw begins, and the facial structure may actually collapse depending on the number of missing teeth. Modern dentures are designed to help support sagging structures and muscles, hence improving your dental health.


When you have missing teeth, your dentist will most likely present you with a number or treatment or replacement options. Some will have more advantages than dentures such as resembling the real feel and touch of your natural teeth. However, out of all these options dentures still remain to be the most cost-effective treatment option, especially when you are missing just a few teeth. 

Modern cosmetic dentistry has greatly improved dentures, and they now offer more advantages than those that were worn by people in previous generations; which is beneficial for people with missing teeth.

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