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Characteristics of a Good Child Dentist

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The visit to the dentist can be hectic for some parents whose children throw a tantrum at the mention of a dentist. It is the wish of many parents to go to the dentist and leave with a happy child. Children are human being like the rest of us. They need to feel respected, loved, cared for and listened to when they visit a doctor. Some dentists tend to overlook these needs and treat children coldly. Dentist checkups are frequent so here are a few characteristics that will help parents find a good pediatric dentist.

Gentle and Patient

A child dentist has to have a lot of patient with kids. It is hard for children to stay still for long periods. Children have to sit for more than ten minute to let the dentist do his job. A child dentist has to be gentle when telling kids to sit still for the examination. They also have to explain to children the examination procedure in a way that they understand.

Attentive and Approachable

A good child dentists pay attention to their patients and needs. The pediatric dentist should be approachable for the children to feel comfortable and express their dental discomfort. The child dentist is responsible for diagnosing dental issues in advance. Listening to a child express their issues before an exam may give the doctor a good idea of the cause of the problem.

Expert in the Field

A child dentist should have a good record for satisfied clients. It is easy to find opinions of other parents on the dentist website. The child dentist should have practiced the job for a few years. A child dentist expertise can also be seen in how the office is set up. If the office is kid friendly then the doctor values his clients.

Sedation Options

Some kids are hype-active and may need some sedatives to help them relax during an exam. The child dentist should go over the available sedatives with the child and guardian. The dentist should explain to the child how the sedative will work and the reason the child is taking the sedative.

Flexible Working Hours

The society nowadays is full of busy people. Children have to attend school during the day and after-school activities like soccer later. Parents work from morning to evening and spend the remaining time with their family. It is nice to find child dentists who can see clients early in the morning, in the evening and during weekends.