An Introduction to Cosmetic Dentistry: Facts, Questions and More

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Choosing the Best Dentist

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One's dental health is just as important as other aspects of their wellbeing such as physical and mental health. Latest research shows that dental health is also linked to cardiovascular disease and healthy pregnancies. The underlying mechanisms are still being investigated by scientists. This research shows that it is now more important than before to look after's one's oral health and ensure that regular dental checkups are scheduled. 

It is also vital that the dentist chosen is one who is experienced in their field, shows compassion and genuinely cares for their patients. The dentist chosen should ideally be located closer to home. This makes it easier to visit the dentist regularly.

What are certain factors to consider before selecting a good dentist?

There are a few factors to keep in mind when looking for a dentist.

What types of services are offered? Dentists undertake many specialisations such as cosmetic dentistry and orthodentistry. General dentists look after the teeth's overall health—they will look for signs of gum disease, tooth decay and cavities and will carry out appropriate treatments to fix these issues. If they find that the dental problem is out of their scope of practice, they will refer the patient to a specialist dentist. Generally speaking, one should see whether their chosen dentist has basic dental cleaning services as well as x-ray facilities to appropriately perform a dental check-up. Other services offered include children's dental checkups and dental emergencies. 

How experienced is the dentist? The more experienced a dentist is, the better the results following treatment. Experienced dentists have worked with many patients over the years, making it easier for them to diagnose and treat patients. Another advantage of choosing an experienced dentist is that they also have tactics to deal with dental anxiety. This is a common phenomenon that many people suffer from. Dentists help ease this anxiety to allow the patient to relax during treatment. 

How frequently should one visit the dentist?

Everybody should visit the dentist for a general cleanup after a minimum of 6 months. However those with a previous history of dental problems may need to visit more frequently. Also those with diseases such as diabetes are more prone to gum disease and tooth decay and hence should schedule regular visits. 

Before visiting the dentist, one should make sure that they know what their insurance covers. Many types of insurance covers include dental visits, making it more affordable to get certain dental treatments. Above all, one should carry out appropriate research into the best local dentists on their own to find one that suits their needs.