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Dental Centre: 4 Things That Might Happen to You If You Don't Go for Regular Dental Check-ups

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Some people don't visit dentists because they grew up believing that dental procedures are painful. Others don't see the need for regular dental check-ups since they brush and floss their teeth as required. While daily oral hygiene is crucial, it might not be enough to keep your teeth healthy. You need oral check-ups by a dentist to prevent some dental-related issues. Failure to do that could lead to the following problems.

1. You May Develop a Gum Disease

Gum disease can quickly escalate and reach the bone tissues if not looked into. Usually, your gums act as a protective layer for your teeth and roots against bacterial attacks. However, when you fail to brush well, a layer of destructive bacteria called calculus is formed. Eventually, it leads to periodontitis, which manifests in bad breath, infection, gum bleeding and swelling.

The only way to prevent gum diseases is by ensuring routine dental check-ups. During your visits, your dentist will remove the plaque and help protect your teeth. Also, note that you are more likely to suffer from periodontitis due to hereditary factors or tobacco use. The same is true for diabetic people and those with weak immunity.

2. You Could Develop Other Health Problems

Some health problems are connected to poor dental care. For example, dental health issues might expose you to diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke. Fortunately, a dentist can recognise the early signs of such conditions and recommend the ideal specialist to treat them. So to prevent these issues from advancing and incapacitating you, follow your dental appointments without fail.

3. Your Teeth Will Start Decaying

Your teeth can still decay despite daily brushing and flossing. That is because plaque can accumulate in inaccessible parts of your mouth and cause problems. Only a dentist has the right tools and expertise to thoroughly clean your mouth, which is why you shouldn't skip your dental appointments.

Otherwise, the bacteria in the plaque will soon start attacking the enamel, leading to decay. The bacteria will then proceed to the vulnerable parts under the enamel. When that happens, you might experience an irreversible problem that could lead to tooth loss.

4. Your Teeth Will Discolour

If your regular eating habits include coffee, tea, a glass of wine or a cigarette, your teeth will soon lose their white colour. As a result, you may find it embarrassing to smile in public. Generally, the staining happens on the tooth surface, but sometimes it could go beyond the enamel. While you can eliminate this problem by minimising teeth-staining foods, you still need to visit a dentist to remove the stains.

Visiting a dentist from a reputable dental centre twice a year is quite beneficial, as seen above. But you will need to schedule more visits if you have diabetes or other chronic conditions. Contact a dental centre for more information.