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Why Dentistry Matters for All the Family

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General dentistry, including checkups and the occasional dental filling, is vitally important at every stage of life. Read on to find out why it is so important for every member of your family, from the smallest child to the oldest adult, to see a dentist regularly.

Dentistry in Childhood

All children should see a dentist once they have their first tooth so that the dentist can check the health and position of the tooth and also the health of the gums. Many parents do not realise how common cavities are in infants, but they can cause an enormous amount of pain.

It's also good for kids to get into the habit of seeing a dentist regularly. By taking children to a child-friendly family dentist when they are young, you can reduce the risk of them developing fears or anxieties around dental appointments when they are older.

Dentistry During Adolescence

Adolescence is a difficult time for many reasons. In particular, it is a time when many teens need orthodontic treatment to bring their new adult teeth into proper alignment. Regular dental checkups can ensure that teens get braces if and when they need them. They can also help to keep young people safe from cavities and gum disease, even if their busy lives lead them to neglect dental hygiene.

Dentistry For Adults

Adults often neglect their dental health. Between household bills, a busy work schedule, and a demanding personal life, it is easy to forget to schedule regular checkups. However, neglecting your oral health during early adulthood can be a problem later in life, so do try to see a dentist as often as you can.

Dentistry During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important time for oral health. Hormonal changes can leave you more susceptible to gum disease and tooth loss. At the same time, you might struggle with dental checkups due to nausea or discomfort while sitting in the dental chair. Talk to your family dentist about any pregnancy-related difficulties that prevent you from accessing dental care; they should be able to suggest accommodations that help.

Dentistry in Old Age

Older people need good access to dental care to protect the teeth they still have and replace the ones they have lost. Today, there are many options for replacing missing teeth, including not only dentures but also dental implants. A family dentist can discuss these options with an older person to help them to find the solution that is right for them.

If it's been a while since your last appointment, contact a local family dentist.